Undergraduate vStudent Center

Welcome to the undergraduate student's site. You're here because you wanted something different from life. You wanted more than just 9 to 5, more than lecture-halls and textbooks - you wanted a different academic experience! At Akadhmia (pronounced as - aka-dee-me-a) University academic experience is key. Like no other university we have fully integrated experience with the academics. Want to study French - then you can study in France! A laptop and internet connection is all that's needed.

UEP Students

Your entrance to the Student Center is through http://undergrad.akadhmia.org/uep/

The basic requirements to get your degree

  1. Publish your adventure to your undergrad website, along with the core academic requirements.
  2. Design your own courses around the core academic courses.
  3. Design you major based on your experience in the first semester.
  4. Refine your major in subsequent semesters, has your experience inceases.
  5. Complete your thesis in the final two semesters.


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