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Just because we are a virtual university, doesn't mean that you can't join or create a frat/sorority. Our frats and sororities are virtual. Any group of students can start a vHouse, or even one student can start a vHouse. Since the frat system has uses the Greek systems, we - who are a Greek based university have chosen to use the Greek terms for frats.

  1. Frat - General to either a fraternity or a sorority
  2. Adelphos- (pronounced in Greek as => Al - the - fos) meaning brotherhood replaces fraternity
  3. Adelphotis - (pronounced in Greek as => Al - the - fo - tees) meaning sisterhood replaces the term sorority
  4. vHouse - virtual frat house, typically a website (or sites) that allow people to interact, as you would in a real frat house. You can use the vHouse(s) listed below to see how to set one up.
  5. Joining a vHouse:
    1. vHouses in already in existence will be list below or via link to the right
    2. Click on the vHouse URL and look for an online method to pledge or join.
  6. Set-up your own vHouse - If you don't see a vHouse you like, create yourown!
    1. A vHouse use three Greek letters as its name. You can choose any three you want - except those already listed below.
    2. Use a free service like Pro Boards - http://www.proboards.com
    3. Because our university is very different, and people may not log in for a long time, it's advisable to set-up an autopilot method of bringing pledges. As well, it's advisable to have more than one person responsible for the functions of the vHouse.
    4. Once your done, and you've tested your vHouse, email the link to (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/akadhmia-undergrad/) announcing the vHouse.
    5. Check back here to see your vHouse listed. (Listings typically take about 48 hours.)

New vHouses

  1. MMP vHouse
    1. House Founder/President: Annie Dromeda
    2. House type: Adelphotis
    3. Founder's URL: http://www.geocities.com/anniedromeda_2004/ - [This is the main house url, as well as the founder's url.]
    4. vHouse URL: http://mewmewhouse.proboards56.com/ - [This is the common area(s) of the house were anyone can hang out.]

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